Grrrr Arrrgh

I have been having a lot of those "Grrrr Arrrgh" moments lately--these can best be described as moments of frustration.  Thankfully, I can usually run these moments away.  Unfortunately the days when I need to run the most are the days I don't have a moment to spare.

This morning Con and I ran 5 in a light drizzle--LOVED IT.  It was his farthest run since the 1/2 and he wanted to quit at 1.5 miles--saying he was "tired" since he was not in pain and I knew he had not even had a chance to get into his "groove" yet--I pushed him.  By 3.5 miles he had it and he was so happy when it was all done.  We have the Spring Lake 5 race next week.  This is not a race you run for speed, since it is one of the largest runs (if not the largest 5 mile run in the NE).

“One of the country’s top 100 races” Runners World Magazine.  At first glance it may seem odd that a small town on the Jersey Shore would be home to one of the largest and best running events in the nation. Since it was first held in 1977, the Spring Lake Five Mile Run has grown from a small local fun run into New Jersey’s largest road race and a nationally recognized event. Despite this growth the race has remained a low key, non-commercial event."

Last year I ran it for the first time (it is REALLY hard to gain entry and sells out super fast), and I NEVER broke free from the crowds of walkers and those just our for a fun jog with their friends and family.  So this year I decided to embrace the race for what it is--a great start to Summer at the Jersey Shore and signed up Conor too so I would have someone to run with.

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Colleen and Jack said...

I will miss the Spring Lake 5 this year. We are staying here in MA for the weekend. Last year we cheated and started the race at the front of the pack by hanging out at the starting line just off to the side on a lawn. So when the race started, we just kind of ran right in with the group from the side and went over the starting line. We were probably 20-25 yards from the starting line. It was still crowded, don't get me wrong, and I was passed the whole time, but at least I was able to maneuver around people when I needed to and had some room. Have fun!

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