I suck

No, I did not run 5 on the treadmill after spin yesterday--I know--surprise, surprise (said with sarcasm).  I tried--I really tried, I could have sworn I ran 5 and when I lifted up my towel (I have to cover up the monitor or it is like watching water boil)--I had only done 1 mile--ran a little bit longer and then I called it a day.  Of course, I bargained with myself--I will make it up on Friday.

Today was 3 miles with L--we picked up the Henry Hudson trail from the Y in Freehold--we both felt great.  We ran in sync--a nice easy cadence and we actually could talk the whole way (well almost--we are getting there).

I got my first x-mas card the other day--it made me nauseous.  I do not even have a picture of the boys for a card--yet alone, order said card. I started some gift ordering (online) of course----I rarely trek myself into the stores and I have not set foot in a mall in a few years now. I better get me *** in gear--this is supposed to be fun--right?



Emz said...

I love the towel on the treadmill comment so very true. We all do it. I have to force myself not to do it once a week. I like seeing the pain. ;)

Stacey said...

That is funny. I thought I was the only one that hasn't set foot into the mall in years. I do not enjoy shopping. I do like the online version though. I need to start my Christmas gift shopping! I still have 22 days...that is plenty of time. (:

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