Human Guinnea Pig

This is my 3rd day house bound (5th if you include Christmas Eve and Christmas) and needless to say my whole family is a little stir-crazy.  I am thankful I have the treadmill but banging out the miles is HARD--I can not find my groove on this machine.  Nothing seems to work--2-5 miles is my tops--intervals, mentally imagining my running routes, bargaining, movies, music--not working.

What do you do to get through the long runs on a treadmill?

Today's song, Anything, Dramarama:

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Eoin said...

I hear ya. We had so much snow & ice I could barely run outdoors for a month. I used a dreadmill for 3-4 times a week and went between 8-16k, usually 8-10k though. There are TVs in the gym, but I usually use disassociation - I think of races, visualization etc. It's still boring, but it passes the time.

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