Blizzard Recovery Run

Well, I have been home bound for 6 days now--this last NE Blizzard really shut us down--still most of our major highways are reduced to one lane and several shore area towns remain unplowed.  You would think the NE has never seen snow in December before (sarcastic).

Conor and I knew we wanted to hit the roads in our neighborhood today--I wanted to get 5-6 in.  Our friend N decided to join us---yeah!

After the first mile Con was a little pale and sweaty (he normally is not too sweaty--he obviously does not take after me since I am normally a hot sweaty looking mess).  He decided to walk home and call it a day and N and I hit the HILLS.  Running in my neighborhood is great hill training--lets face it, running anywhere in Colts Neck is good HILL training.  I was spent.  Just goes to show you that a dozen cupcakes and tons of wine consumed over the holiday week will NOT help improve your running times:)
Here is a photo of the view out one of the second story bathrooms the day of the blizzard:
 And here is another 2nd story view out my bedroom window:

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