Cheesequake Trails

Today it is 34 degrees but feels like 19 (according to weather online)--and I have to say I do not disagree.  I wanted to run 6 today and C wanted 4--we decided to see how we felt on the run.  He got ready in shorts and t-shirt---and pulled a massive "teen tude" when I made him change into sweat pants, sweat shirt, ear band, and gloves.  Even in the parking lot at Cheesequake he was making fun of the gloves---and then he got out of the car.  With the wind coming off the water, I think 19 degrees would have been warm.

Needless to say he was happy that I made him change.  The first mile felt great for me--for him, not so much--but then the tides turned.  He grazed through the trails--even uphill--while I meandered along at a much slower pace and any hill with greater than a 45 degree incline--I walked to catch my breath.  I really felt my age today.  

Here are some pictures from the trail--we choose the green trail because it looked the longest and hardest:
I can't wait to go back and try this again--I know I can master these trails--but I do have to say this is the first trail location where I can honestly say I am not sure how safe I would be going alone--bad vibes (NJ Parkway entrance right our of one of the parking lots).  I would not let C run out of my sight.

I must have turned the Garmin off when it should have been on--we ran at least 4.2 (if not more-).  I really wanted 2 more--so I hit the treadmill immediately when we got home to finish it off.

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shannon said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun time!

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