Strength Training and Run

On Tuesday and Thursday I usually take an hour long strength training class at the Y.  I love the instructor and have always enjoyed the class, but lately I have been wondering if I am outgrowing it.

1) She ALWAYS starts the class AT LEAST 10 minutes late (this drives me crazy)

2) We NEVER get to AB work until after class has officially ended (sure I can opt to stay, but I usually always have work or a group run to get to)--so subsequently the area I need the most work AB/CORE is neglected---plus I need more than 5 minutes of AB work

3) I have not lost any weight or noticed a huge amount of change--I am unusually muscular and I need to trim more than bulk

Should I just work out at home--a P90X or Insanity may be better off for me or maybe hit the equipment at the gym (I must say--I prefer free weights over equipment and I can do that at home).

I met L for a 3 mile run at Thompson--I am always slow moving, but even more so after working out already.  It was COLD out there today --mid 30s with a wind chill making it feel like 20.  I am glad L came out today---she holds me accountable.

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