Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It is unseasonable warm to day in the NE--mid 50s.  Today I had a 5 mile run planned at Manasquan Reservoir; I usually can't get a good run or good anything in on Wednesday's because of the Breastfeeding Support Group I moderate, but we have an offsite activity planned for today (the Community Center Meeting Room at the Library is being used for the town's annual Art Show the next 2 weeks). It is hard to plan work or personal activities on Wednesdays since the group is smack in the middle of the day--good for moms with newborns--not so good for lady who gets up at 6 am.  

5 miles is still a challenge for me, but this 5 mile trail always seems harder to me---so I went to bed early (OK--you got me--I ALWAYS go to bed early)---I skipped a glass of red wine (notice---I did not say you got me and that I always skip a glass of wine)---I had it all planned--itunes included.  I was going to OWN this trail today.

So I wake up early (as always)--C has to get up at 6:15 for school--but I am an early bird anyway.  I planned on putting the boys on the bus and heading to the trail at 9:30--so I dressed in the gear I had laid out (I checked the weather last night)---but alas, as I sat in the kitchen on the laptop enjoying my usually  coffee (I make the BEST coffee--OK, not Starbucks Venti Soy Latte great--but it is good), I could finally see out the window (the sun is not coming out--but it was light enough to see outside)--RAIN!

Now, it is warm enough to run in the ran, but a trail run in the rain for 5 miles does not seem appealing to me.  I should suck it up--but it is not a drizzle.  Instead I think I will head over to the Y for SPIN--the instructor I love is there today and I never get to go on Wed. (the only class she teaches)---the big question is "Can I run the scheduled 5 on the treadmill?"  I will try to muscle it out at the Y--using the other gym members to motivate me--but even a mile or two on the treadmill is tortuous--let's hope my itunes are particularly peppy.

Here are some photos from the Born to Run Race last week:

Getting started--we started LAST (really)--this is the first .25 mile--I am in the green--we are slowly creeping our way through the crowd

Here is C finishing (he does not even look winded)
Here I am just after I finished (I look winded)
Here I am finishing


Emz said...

Come on!! ;) Treadmill's rock. ;)

Great finishing photos!!

Librarian on the Run said...

I hope the treadmill run went well today! I'm not a big fan of the treadmill myself, so lately I've been running outside after work decked out in reflective gear. Congrats on pushing through for a great finish in your race!

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