Casi Can't Fail-2.5 TM-4.8 RAIN

Today we had a group run planned--6 miles at Cross Farms/Thompson. I was so excited it was the first time in a long time that we had a group going.  L & and; I have been on our own with the weekly runs; everyone's schedules are so different and difficult to coordinate.  So we were all set to brave the cold.

I woke up early to check the weather--the GOOD news was it was warm (crazy warm 50 degrees) the bad news was it was RAINING (not drizzle-real rain).  The group run was canceled and that meant I would have to bang out 6 on the dreadmill--so I had my coffee--procrastinated a little and finally got up the nerve to get on the darn thing.  2.5 miles into it--I decided the rain could not be that bad.  That is right--I choose downpour with warmish weather over the dreadmill.

I hopped on the TM--grabbed a jacket to put over my jog bra and shorts and off I went.  At first I thought the rain was stopping--it was only drizzling a little--but alas, I was wrong.  It rained right up until the last 3/4 of a mile--but it was GREAT.  I was lucky it was not too cold and the wind actually felt good.  My neighbors must think I am crazy--but I have a feeling they think I am an enigma anyway.

Here I am post run (Ronan snapped my photo before I can into the house and stripped down):

Today's Song, Rudy Can't Fail, The Clash (one of my FAVORITE songs)

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Christina said...

crazy weather. You are in shorts at this time of the year. It felt pretty nice this morning here, 32 degrees F, but the wind was blowing extra hard.
Good job for knocking that 6 miles out by yourself.

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