Where the magic happens (sarcastically stated)

6 miles on the calendar today.  Dressed in cold gear all set to go--put kids on bus--and talked myself into running on treadmill instead.  Why?  I don't know--I ALWAYS run farther and faster outside.  I am convinced my treadmill is calibrated at a slower rate.  I even had the run all mapped out.  Sitting here post run, I still don't know why I did it.  Oh well--at least I managed to eeek out 6 on the TM.  I know it will become my best friend when the snow moves into the NE.

Here is where the magic happens:

3 miles at slow pace followed by 3 miles of intervals (run, jog, walk then repeat with change of song).

Today's song, Maggie Mae, Pietasters

Here they are at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park 2009--I was there

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