This is a Test--Did I PASS?

Well, my race is less than a week away and I have been nursing injuries sustained from my 12 mile run last Saturday all week.  Although the last 2 weeks before the 1/2 marathon were my "taper" weeks---I assume no running is not what a taper is supposed to entail.  I have been incorporating small runs this past week with walking and I wanted to give running a try today.

I was scheduled to run 8 today, and I knew that would be too much since my R groin (hip flexor/abductor) and right hip have been acting up all week.  I took spin yesterday morning and I have felt NO PAIN or even minor discomfort in the last 24 hours.  So----I decided to get a run in.

I ended up running a little over 5 miles.  I walked most of the 3rd mile---I wanted to see if I felt any pain in the groin or hip when walking.  Sitting here writing this, I wonder if I should have run further---pushed myself---run the 8 I had on the schedule.  I have been so worried this past week about the injuries and not being able to run the race---Since I started running last August, I had NEVER experienced any pain during or after running--sure, I was sore, but this past week was the first time I actually felt pain from running.  On one hand I want the injuries to heal and on the other hand I do not want the endurance I worked hard to build up to falter.  Will I be prepared?

Today's song, Black Eyed Peas, Rock that Body--video is only preview version  (total endorphin rush when this song came on):

Avg Pace
Summary00:59:31         5.73      10:22
100:09:36 1.00 09:36
200:09:51 1.00 09:51
300:11:46 1.00 11:46
400:10:29 1.00 10:29
500:10:07 1.00 10:07
600:07:39 0.73 10:27

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