I Feel Good

So, my big race was 2 days ago and I assumed I would feel sore---after I had run the 12 miles, I spent a week recovering with slow/short/run-walks, but I feel good. 

My friend Amy (hopefully, soon to be sister-in-law) and I have a BIG spa day planned.  I am not normally a spa person; I never have the time--I can count the number of times I have had a mani/pedi on my two hands---but I am definitely not opposed to a little pampering.   I have been looking forward to today and I know Amy has too (see is a CPA--and is thankful tax day is behind her).  So I am picking up lunch and she is picking up trashy magazines and we are meeting this morning to veg out.

I am still on the runner's high from the race, but I must admit, I am already thinking of my next venture.  I really want to run the marathon in September---It seems impossible now--running almost 5 hours......BUT I am turning 40 in October and it would be so great.

My goal before turning 40 was running a 1/2 marathon (set this goal in Nov 2009)--now I am amending it---My goal is to run a MARATHON---HERE I COME!

Crossing the Asbury 1/2 Marathon Finish Line

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