Not off to a Good Start

With less than 2 weeks until the big day (first 1/2 marathon) and the kids home again this week for Spring Break--I need to sneak in training when I can.  I decided that I would try to catch the 6:30 am spin class at the Y, but alas--there is no 6:30 am spin class.  I could have sworn that class was listed on the brochure when I looked it up online last night.  Needless to say--I slept awful last night and I knew I had to wake early to get to the class on time so that made sleeping even more difficult.  I woke at 5:45--left house by 6 and arrived at the gym at 6:15--the poor woman who had to tell me there was no class----they do not even have a spin bike in the main gym room and since I was planning on a recovery run outside today, I just went home.

After coffee, I was feeling much better and decided to go for a 2 mile recovery run.  I made it about a mile when my groin area particularly on the right began to HURT---usually I feel achy and sore, but I have to say this was painful and only got worse.  Is it my hip flexors or abductor muscles? or both?  It is much worse on the right, but both side are uncomfortable.  This may require some research on my part; hopefully with ice and rest it will be OK.

Today's song,Train, Hey, Soul Sister


Eileen W. said...

I like that song, Hey Soul Sister!! Sounds like icing could help this pain- I hope it gets better for you soon, Casi!!

Tara said...

I started having that same type of pain on my right groin. It was so annoying! I googled hip flexor strengthening exercises and have been doing them and don't seem to have anymore problems.

Racy Runner said...

Ladies, thanks.

Tara, I am glad to know this issue can be overcome---I am going to work on those exercises:)

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