2010 March of Dimes Walk

Today was the March of Dimes walk in Ocean Grove.  The Bosom Buddies planned on meeting to walk the 4 miles together.  The weather report had warned of rain all week and unfortunately the report was spot on.  It was light raining all morning.  Finn had LAX and much to my chagrin it was not canceled---supposedly everyone knows LAX is played in the rain and only canceled for thunder showers (not me).

We had to high tail-it from LAX to Ocean Grove to get there for the start time.  I knew that most of the moms and little ones would be unable to come---it was really cold and rainy by the beach.  They boys (Ronan) was with me too were hoping the walk would be cut short so they could go to lunch.  When we did not see anyone from our group, but we wanted a picture to prove we showed up:
We called grandma and grandpa (who live in town) to see if they wanted to join us for lunch. Wouldn't you know it, the minute we hung up we ran into some die-hard BB members.  

The boys and I went to meet my parents and then I went back to the walk--the boys got to enjoy some good ole Jersey Pork Roll and Cheese sandwiches.

I ran into a mother.runner friend and another Bosom Buddy at the end of the walk.  The walk was cut short (from OG pavilion to Bradley and back) but it was nice to see everyone; although, my fingers are still a little numb:)
I only wish we had a chance to show off our shirts.  

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