Jai Ho

Today I had a 4 mile run scheduled.  I was worried about cutting my 8 mile run yesterday short and the couple of miles I missed last week due to injuries----I decided to follow the advice in "Marathoning for Mortals"---if you miss a workout--it is gone, don't try to go back.  So that is what I did--I followed the plan for today.   

The sad thing was this 4 mile run was HARD--how am I going to run 13.1---I am going to have to trust "the plan" and find security in the miles and hard work accumulated over the last several months--but that is easier said then done.

Over the next few days I have to get my playlist in order and figure out what I am going to wear---it is going to be HOT and chub rub is a fear for me.

Pace was 9:57 despite walking about a .25 mile???
Avg Pace

00:09:20 1.00 09:20
200:09:47 1.00 09:47
300:10:40 1.00 10:40
400:10:02 1.00 10:02
500:00:02 0.00 08:54

Today's song, Jai Ho, from Slumdog Millionaire--what a great song to motivate

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