13.1 Been There Done That!

Today was the BIG day--my first 1/2 marathon.  I can not even begin to put into words how nervous/excited/scared I was.  The last few days were hard; I broke into spontaneous tears yesterday---merely overwhelmed by the feat I was taking on---I know it sounds corny, but the rush of emotions even as I started to race where CRAZY---I swallowed down tears the first mile---I could have easily broken down into a full sob if it were not for the self control I muscled up---It was not that I was sad.  In fact, it was the exact opposite.  I overwhelmed with the thought that this was it--this was what I had worked so hard for.

Last night we went to Asbury Park convention center to pick up the race packet and it was COLD--not just chilly---COLD with a serious wind chill--the kind of wind were you have trouble walking.  I was so nervous about what the weather would be like today.  More importantly---what would I wear.  I was planning on a Brooks running skirt and short sleeve Brooks top (I think Brooks is my favorite brand for running gear), but after feeling that wind, I began to seriously question my judgment.   So, I decided to wait until this morning to check the weather out.  The boys and I had last night all planned out.  PIZZA and LOST (we DVR it because the boys and I are addicted to LOST and have watched every episode together).  I even had a glass (a rather big one) of red wine.  

We had the alarms all set (more than one--I was nervous) and I woke up around 6 am.  I knew I would need time to get ready and have breakfast and coffee.  The weather here in Colts Neck was perfect---50's and overcast, but I was still worried about wind chill off the ocean.  Ended up with my Brooks running skirt and a long sleeve shirt---it was a perfect decision.  It was cold at the beach, but I preferred it to being to hot out.  

I lined up in the rear of the pack and the race started without any fanfare.  The sky was overcast and the ocean looked mean----I ran through the AP/OG Casino building while fighting back the tears and when I broke through into OG the sun was shinning bright and everything was PERFECT.  The first 6 miles were nice--don't get me wrong, it was not easy, but I was able to keep a nice steady pace.  

I wanted to keep a pace of 11 min/miles and I was worried about starting out to fast or running the first 5 miles too fast.  Thankfully at the start of the race I was able to pace myself with a man in front of me.  He had on a red shirt and I liked his pace.  I keep with him for the first 6 miles of the race and then he broke free. 

I really started losing steam at 6.5-7 miles---Ray and the boys were waiting in Spring Lake, so I took this opportunity to stop and take a GU with water (I had been regularly stopping for water along the way---every 2 miles).  This was my first walk--I walked for a minute or two at this point.  The second half of the race was challenging.  I was tired and my groin area (R and L) ached.  I stopped to walk every now and then--I probably walked about .5 miles out of the whole race, but it was just enough for me to recover and to do a body check--I was sore and hurt, but not necessarily in pain.

Once I hit Bradley---I keep thinking Bradley--OG--DONE!

I waited until I could see the finish line in sight before I kicked it up a notch.  I probably could have sustained this "strong" pace a little longer, but I knew I was holding back the last 2 miles in fear of not being able to finish.   I thought for sure, I would burst into tears when I finished--but I did not---I saw the boys and they were so happy for me and I just felt--"It is done"---a sense of contentment (let's see how long that lasts:)  For now, it feels GOOD.

Overall pace 10:40 miles/min
Today's song, Get Me Bodied, Beyonce


Better Eat Some Chocolate said...

Congrats!! Had no doubt you could do it!! We were all thinking about you this morning!! Nancy

MJ said...

I am so incredibly insanely proud of you!!!!! I have chills reading this!!! :) Congrats! You're a true rock star today.

Karen said...

GREAT JOB! That's an amazing accomplishment! You did awesome!!! :0)

Librarian on the Run said...

Congrats on running a great race!

Eileen W. said...

Way to go, Casi!!! This is a huge accomplishment- yay!! ((hugs))

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