Busy Day--Snuck it in.

Wednesday's are always busy--I look forward to our Bosom Buddies meetings, but it is hard to plan anything else on these days.  I like to sneak a run in after group and thankfully B was able to join me today.  I love having someone else to run with.  It makes the run more enjoyable and the distraction is always a plus.

The weather was great--it had cooled off a little from the morning; although, I did carry hydration and drank an entire bottle of water while running.  This was a first time carrying something and it seems to work well.  I started the run hungry and thirsty--probably not my best idea--but did OK.

Here is the Nathan water bottle--it worked great

B and I ran 2 miles and then after I went to lock up the Community Center Room---I snuck another mile in.

Just in time too--now it is overcast and starting to rain--although, the rain would have felt good on my firey hot skin.  I think I loose several pounds of sweat every time I run.

3.33 miles---10:48 pace

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