Alvin Lives!

Today was my scheduled 12 mile long run--last long run before my FIRST 1/2 marathon on April 17th--that is right, only 2 weeks away.  I am running the Asbury Park 1/2

Thankfully some mother.runners meet me this morning; it turns out I really needed the company.  Nikki stuck with me and helped me keep pace; 10:38 overall pace---but we had a break at 5 miles and photo stops that were not included in our overall time--is that cheating?  The last 2 miles were KILLER and my hip flexors from my gliding motion HURT---what was I doing?

The Manasquan Reservoir was beautiful this morning.  We we got there and my car was registering 44 degree outside and it was foggy---very foggy, but I knew that fog would burn off and the temperature was expected to get in the high 60's this afternoon.  4 miles into the run---I was HOT and the sun was out, but the trail really provides just the right amount of coverage.  

It was about 4 miles when Nikki and I spotted ALVIN--yes, Alvin the Chipmunk in his tree.  This really cracked me up.  We were planning on breaking at mile 5, back at our cars, and I planned on grabbing my phone to snap a photo on our way back.  Here it is:
We also wanted photos of us running (or I did and Nikki was too nice to say "No, keep moving").
Here is me coming:
Here is me going:
Thank you, Nikki, for taking the photos and for not minding the stop---unfortunately---my photo taking skills suck and the pictures I took of Nikki with her camera all include my finger---I will do better next time:) Even the great shot of Nikki trying her first GU (post dry heave) did not get saved properly---I need a tutorial on my phone camera. (P.S. GU is Gross---but at least I kept it down)

We made it--12 miles done--but I am still not sure, I feel like a runner (don't tell anyone--I am a sham:)


Sunflower Kisses said...

Nice job on the 12-miler. Anyone who can run all that is a runner. :)
Love that Alvin in the tree. He is my favorite chipmunk.
Good luck on your half.

Chris said...

you did awesome today casi! and the pic of you running toward the camera is a great one....maybe I should go into photography now that teaching is getting teachers nowhere?! thanks for running with me!

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