Last Run

WOW--it is hot out there---I am thinking I may need to carry water with me on the run.  I am not really used to running in the heat and my mouth was really dry.  I know they are planning on having water stops every 2 miles----the question is--do I take my chance (my long runs were fine with no water, but it was MUCH cooler) or do I carry an item I have never run with before.  I could always throw the bottle away, but if I remember correctly it cost $20 dollars.----Oh well, this is the least of my concerns.

My biggest challenge is going to be keeping it slow---I really need to shoot for 11-12 min miles in order to get the 13.1.  Today I ran with the garmin, but only looked at mileage and tried to keep it slow---ended up still too fast, a 9:36 pace---I need to shoot for mileage not speed. 

My hopes for this race are:
2) Not to be afraid to take break/walk at water stops (that is it)
3) Be Strong!
Today's song, Can You Tell, Ra Ra Riot

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Mondo Italia said...

Thanks so much for this blog! I discovered the C25K via your blog, am in week 6 and loving it!! I hope someday to get on a run with your group. Keep up your great training!

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