A Thank You to Mother.Runners

My fellow mother.runners,

I have been composing this letter in my mind over the last couple of weeks and I have come to the conclusion that there really are no words that can represent how grateful I am for the support and camaraderie you have provided me over the last couple of months. 

When I started running back in August, my goal was just to run.  Could I do it?  I had never been able to run before and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  If other people could do it---why couldn’t I?  I signed up for a 5 K race and started running (if you could call it that)---incremental steps for me—it took awhile but I did it.  I ran that first race S-L-O-W but I did NOT walk and from that moment on---I was OFF.

Back in November I decided I was going to run a ½ marathon; my goal was to complete the race before I turn 40 in October 2010.  I had been running with friends and ladies from town, but no one else was willing to commit to a ½ with me. 

I was so thankful to find out that Tammie was organizing a training group for a ½.  I was so excited to attend the first session and meet all of you; I can now admit, I was a little nervous too.  Just knowing that we were all working towards the same goal was inspiring for me.  Our Sunday runs were just what I needed.  Following your training on dailymile keep me motivated and you held me accountable for my own training.  This was what I needed to follow through and get it done.

I am woman—hear me roar!  MARATHON, here I come.

Now with your own ½ marathon less than a week away, I know without a doubt that you can do it.  You are all strong women.  You have trained hard.  You are ready.  You inspire me.

Lisa, you have conditioned yourself to be a runner—you are making it a daily routine, a habit---it comes naturally to you. I love watching your mileage climb.  You inspire me.

Dana, I love your posts and more importantly your profile pictures on dailymile.  A good sense of humor helps keep things in perspective.  Running should be fun—we should enjoy how it makes us feel (not necessarily how we feel doing it—but the post high).  I loved watching your training progress.  You inspire me.

Crystal, you are fitting the running into your mom schedule (this is no easy feat).  Finding the time for just you to enjoy yourself and friends is such a nice way to stay grounded.  It was so nice meeting your beautiful children when we went to see Nikki’s husband play.  You inspire me.

Jackie, you have managed to fit running into your family and work schedule.  There were many times when I could easily talk myself out of the training run and I would see your post about running while on a business trip and I would get myself in gear; I had no excuses.  I loved watching your endurance and speed grow.  You inspire me.

Nikki, it has been so nice running with you.  We often ended up running together due to our similar paces, but I know I would have been slower or in many cases would not have run as far, if it were not for your great company.  You made running fun.  You inspire me.

Melinda, you are a speed demon—you love running and it is so obvious that it comes to you naturally.  You almost glow (almost, because you don’t sweatJ--just another thing I need to be envious about).  You make it look so easy.  You inspire me.

Tammie, your time and expertise was greatly appreciated.  You organized a program that not only gave me the tools to complete my goal but also the motivation.  It is because of you that I meet these lovely ladies.  Thank you for fostering this opportunity of growth; for giving me a chance to show myself what I am capable of.  

Ladies, I wish you the best of luck on your race----You can do it!


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Melinda said...

Aww Casi! You are so sweet! Training with you for the half has been really great! I love your blog posts, song selections, and enthusiasm! Thanks to YOU too!

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