Tummy Troubles

3 miles today with the plan to keep it 10:30-11 min/pace--However, my stomach has been bothering me since yesterday.  Perhaps the extraordinary amount of Casi's Pasta (bowties, with peas, corn, sundried tomatoes, tofu, mozzarella cheese smothered in balsamic) did the trick (I don't usually eat dairy except for pizza--my weakness).   I felt queasy at the Y this morning for strength training, but I muscled through.  Our awesome instructor A even gave us 15 minutes extra of HIT and I did it.

Instead of going right for the run, I came home and did some work and then headed out thinking 3 miles would be no problem.  WRONG.  The first mile was great but mile 2 and 3 were tough--I really wanted to get home--my stomach was gurgling.


Kerrie T. said...

Uh oh. Some kind of yucky tummy bug is going around. I know you are on the other side of the country, but I think it's being passed via the Interwebs. My sister texted it to me from Texas. Seriously. I've had it since Sunday. Take it easy.

Racy Runner said...

Oh no--hope you feel better and I hope that is not what I have and instead it is just a case of overeating. Still feeling a little queasy today. P.S. Congratulations on the 20 miles (a distance that still seems out of reach to me)--what an accomplishment. I have not been able to get the story of Lise out of my head--heartbreaking.

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