Mommyhood and Marathon

I love my boys and they are GREAT kids.  Lately finding time to fit in simple activities like reading the NYT (a must have in my day) and getting a run in have been a challenge.  I find my spare time is spent driving them to and fro.  Yesterday was no exception.  This may be the first week that I do not get 20 miles in by Sunday.  

The humidity broke here in the NE on Wed, but I was not able to run more than a 5 K when I was able to sneak a run in---30 minutes means a quick 5 K--at least it is something.  I am working on getting my big fat butt out of this chair and off the computer to get a long run in today; my goal is at least 7, but only after a quick run to the grocery store, the bagel place, a drop off at the lacrosse tournament, throwing the loads of waiting laundry in the washer, putting the dishes away, a drop off/pick up at soccer practice, and cleaning the crap off the kitchen get the picture.

For those handful of people who may read this blog, I am debating running a full marathon.  I have run 2 halfs (which seems to be a good length for me--training helps me stay on track; I think I prefer training over the actual race).   Last year I signed up for the Lehigh Valley Marathon.  I had read about it in Runner's World (my favorite magazine) and it sounded like a perfect race. Alas, the summer training did not go well and I had to defer my registration to this year. I sit, I am registered for the race on Sept 11th, but looking at the calendar--less than 15 weeks of training and ALL training to take place in the SUMMER--I feel nothing but apprehension.  Is this the race for me and is this the year I run a full marathon?

I know I will run a marathon one day--I just don't know if I can run this one.  I had also entered myself in the NYC marathon, but I was not chosen---I hope to enter the lottery every year with the hopes that one the third year, I will be accepted.  Who can turn down a chance to run the NYC marathon--not me?

Here are some pictures of our pool opening from last week--needless to say my list of "chore" grew (although the pool is really Ray's "thing"):

In case you were worried, it looks 100% better already--crystal clear--but your suit may disintegrate upon entry.

Avg Pace
100:09:00 1.00 09:00
200:09:07 1.00 09:07
300:08:58 1.00 08:58
400:00:53 0.11 08:24

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