Chipmuks Everywhere

8 miles on agenda after a hard core (literal) ryde at Hammer House this am.  Protein drink in between the activities worked well.  Headed to the Henry Hudson trail. 

I love this trail and I love that the Monmouth County Park System put a new parking lot in at the YMCA camp and there is even a porta potty--Yes, I am excited about a porta potty--no more having to pop a squat in the woods hoping that no one comes by.

Must have seen at least 10 chipmunks running across the trail--they are so cute; the groundhog that ran in front of me--not so much. Ended up stopping a couple of time to bring my heart rate down.  Tried to keep my pace even and slow.  I was disappointed that my left calf was acting up; I thought it had healed.  I did not wear any compression calf sleeves and that would have helped--the last 3 miles were tough.  I was glad I brought my Nathan hand held water bottle---I needed it and drank an entire bottle on the run.
So sweaty and hot--forgot to leave my sunglasses in the car--I hate running with them the water bottle is on a post behind me and not attached to my head

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