Headed out for a 7 mile run today--from the first step it felt like a punishment.   It is 83 degrees here today--but it felt hotter to me.  I opted to carry my Nathan water bottle--but it was not enough.  I was fatigued from the get go.  I felt the same way on Sunday's run--but today was worse.  I barely eeked out the 3.63 miles I did and that was with at least .5 mile walking on and off.  

I really think this is my body's way of staying--I NEED A BREAK.  I was not well rested or fueled for running or any workout today.  Instead I have been going through the motions--trying to control the tasks in my life since everything else seems out of whack. 

Running is supposed to make me feel better---It is hard but I enjoy it--today's run only felt like punishment. 

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