7 turns into 10---back into 7

Was planning on running 7 today (longest run I have had in awhile).  I started out strong and by mile 3 I still felt good.  I pulled something in my left calf and it felt achy but no pain; however, I was dying of thirst.  I looked for my Nathan hand held water bottle (I had bought mine at Road Runners).  Although I do not like running with somthing in my hands, this bottle is great for long runs.  When I could not find the bottle, I convinced myself I would be fine.  It was cooler today and not humid.

Boy was I wrong.  Thankfully a friend drove by.  I mimicked drinking water when she rode by in her car and she pulled right over.  She only had a used bottle of water with 1/4 left in it--I am not picky and I was desperate.   That water was MUCH appreciated.  Thank you, W.

I convinced myself by mile 3 that I should run 10 today since next weekend I will be attending the RRCA Coach certification class.  I ran to the Middle School--used the porta potty which was not too gross and headed to town hall.  I picked a good place for a 60 second reset, my calf was really starting to ache.
When I started back up, I noticed the calf getting worse and I was again THIRSTY.  By mile 7, I called the hubby.  I never call him.  I thought if he brought me water I could finish the run, but with the calf getting worse, I knew I should call it quits and get home to ice.

I was happy he was home from the lacrosse tournament and I downed the entire bottle of water in one long gulp.

Avg Pace
100:09:59 1.00 09:59
200:09:32 1.00 09:32
300:10:02 1.00 10:02
400:09:32 1.00 09:32
500:09:26 1.00 09:26
600:09:19 1.00 09:19
700:10:17 1.00 10:17

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