Finster the Trooper; What a Way to Start our Summer Off.

After writing my post on Wednesday I got a call from the mother whose house my son Finn (my little guy) was over at for a playdate.  He had fallen and refused to get up--she said he told her to, "Call my mom; I need to go to the hospital."---He was right.  I got to the house and he was lying in the front yard grass--a Slip and Slide debacle (he never ever got to experience the slide part).  His right tibia (shin) was obviously broken and my first thought was--thank god it did not go through the skin.

I had brought Con along thinking I would need his help to get Finn in the car to the hospital (see--I had a feeling something was really wrong after receiving the phone call--Finn is my tough guy--never cries--will get up after falling with a bloody knee and continue playing without another thought--so when I heard he refused to move--I knew something was wrong).

Well, Con and I could not move him.  Without a splint and a way to stabilize the leg, I was hesitant to force the issue.  So after thinking over the logistics--I called 911--we would need a ride to the hospital.  I was glad I called.  Without the help of the Volunteer Colts Neck First Aid Squad--I would not have made it.  We definitely needed an air cast--a stretcher--and a ride with a siren to get through the crazy traffic on West Front St to get to Riverview.  I choose Riverview because of its close proximity and I knew its Pediatric ER was new and staffed with Nurse Practitioners and Docs (this is not a teaching hospital). 

The staff in the Pediatric ER was top notch and the pediatric surgeon on call was excellent.  Finn was a trooper and ended up with a leg cast--out of commission for 6-8 weeks--our entire summer (so much for our locker pool/beach passes at Spring Lake, trip to FL and Disney waterpark):
Finn has 2 new friends, Philip, aka Phil his right hand man, and Joe:
He has managed to master the art of crutches quickly--he insisted I take his photo at different angles:

Yesterday was hard and it finally hit him that he will be in a cast for almost the entire summer--the pain and sadness was too much to bear as a mom.  Thank goodness for his brothers who have been great--but I wonder when they will realize they are missing out on summer too.  Thankfully we have the pool but staying home the whole summer will likely take its toll on all of us.

Got him showered and downstairs today--yes, I ignored all the instructions given to us.  As an RN  I know how to jerry rig the cast--3 garbage bags secured at 3 increasing lengths on the leg with duct tape keep that baby dry----a shower can make all the difference.

Thankfully Con and I were able to get in some P90X--I needed the release.  We have a local 5K planned for tomorrow--but we will wait and see how Finn feels and see if he is OK staying home with daddy.


trifitmom said...

ugh so sorry !!!! poor guy, poor mom, poor family.

are you doing the ryans run ?

Erin said...

I hope he feels better soon!!

Racy Runner said...

Thanks, Ladies. I have a feeling I will using this blog to vent this summer.

J, it was great seeing you are Ryan's Run--sorry we did not get a chance to chat.

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