Ryan's Run

Ryan's Run 5 K race this am; this is a family oriented run for a great cause.  However, after my alarm went off and I realized I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep last night (it was a rough one--reminiscent of those newborn nights).

Facebook status update this am:

Casi MacFadyen Leahy
‎4 the hours of sleep I got, 3 the number of times Finn got up for the bathroom, 2 the cups of coffee I am drinking--1 the number of races Con and I are running this morning--or should I say finishing since I doubt there is any speed in this old body. Ryan's Run this morning.
Conor and I headed out to Middletown NJ with the goal of just running for fun. We got there early to pick up our bibs and shirts.  The shirts were GREAT---the best 50% soft thin cotton and 50% polyester---tissue thin.
I had a hard time hearing Andy Kaiser at the start of the race, but I think he mentioned that next year's race will be the last:(  I did hear him talk about introspection during the trail portion of the run--urging runners to think about why they are there and what motivated them to run.  He says this every year and it always brings a tear to my eye.
The route is hilly--but NOTHING compared to Clover Hill, so I could kick the *** of those hills.  I booked up and cruised down.  When I hit the trail at 1.25 mile--I was home.  Trail running is my thing---LOVE IT.  Although the trail is not wide, there were parts that cut through grassy areas that allowed for passing.  Even with passing--this was my slowest mile.
After the race Con and I reflected on how we run--we are play it safe runners.  We ALWAYS have gas stored away and we never push it to the limit--we are going to work on this.  Our friend Tammie Bennett of Bennett Running and her husband sponsor track workouts; Conor and I plan on atteding their Open Track Workouts and Twilight Miles.  We are going to need to keep active with our summer plans kiboshed by Finn's broken leg.  
I would love to go to the beach today, but we come from the background that only the Bennies go to the beach on the weekend--the crowds drive us crazy--so home pool bound it is.  
Avg Pace
100:09:22 1.00 09:22
200:09:41 1.00 09:41
300:09:12 1.00 09:12

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