4 Mile Run in Hood

Conor and I headed out for 4 miles.  He has not run more than a mile in awhile and we planned on keeping it slow.  Well---he psyched himself out of the run before he even put his sneakers on, so after a mile when he said the outside of his foot hurt, I was not surprised and home he went.

It is amazing how a bad mood or negative thoughts can be so contagious.  I was ready for this run.  I went to spin in the am and fueled with my Venti Soy Latte--I was ready, but he was such a downer that the rest of the run was a challenge even though it was SLOW.  I had left my music at home because I was looking forward to running with him:(

Did come across a beautiful cactus---they are NOT a natural flower here in the NE and definitely not in Colts Neck.  Who planted it--how is it flourishing? 

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