Garmin and the Blue Screen of Death (BSD)

I have had issues with Garmin Connect since day 1--I love my Garmin and I LOVE the way the data displays on Garmin Connect (so much nicer and more user friend than the training center)--but eventually it is going to make my laptop explode.  I have gotten the Blue Screen of Death (BSD) a zillion times.  I know the garmin is causing the error due to the code I receive.

At this point, I am just thankful it does not appear to cause damage to system--but I am sure that little by little the BSD is killing my laptop.  Today I attached the Garmin to the stand and there was the BSD--rebooted the computer as usually and went to reattach the Garmin when this time not only did I get the BSD but a nasty sound emanated from the speakers--NOT GOOD.

I have searched the Garmin boards and Googled and it seems that TONS of people have this problem and Garmin is aware, yet no solution is to be found.  If anyone has any suggestions I would love some help.

Today's run was just a duplicate of the last two.....oh well.  Did get 5.32 done.

Today's song, Dropkick Murphy's, Going Out in Style:

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