Tough Run

It was a tough run this am for many reasons--it was hot and humid (that was no big surprise) and I was hoping to get 5 in.  My legs felt heavy from the get go--I have been under a lot of stress this week with Finn (my baby) breaking his leg, hence the lovely sty on my left eye that has been keeping me company.

I headed out planning on keeping it really slow--but there were moments when I checked my watch and I was running too fast--even though my overall pace was was 10:38, right where I wanted it to be, the un-even pace I ran really screwed me up.

Just as I was hitting the "woes me" moment---ruminating on this past week and how my family was affected, I ran into W-- a great running friend.  I was so happy to see her.  Turns out she was having a similar type of run--the cathartic kind (not the slow kind; she is my fast running friend).  I have never been brave enough to run with her.  I always thought running with me would only frustrate her--my slow pace and propensity to have to walk/stop to recover (not all runs but some) would likely drive her away.  

Thankfully she feels the same way as I do about company on a run--sometimes it is just what you need.  I hope she did not mind the stop and walk--remember my legs were like lead.  I guess I have to see if she will run with me again.  

This is a first time in FOREVER that I did not finish my run goal--I ended up at my driveway at 4.78 and that was good enough form me today.

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Christina said...

I guess all runners have that kind of days. At least you finish 4 miles+ of run. It would have been easier to give up and not run.

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