Running Fast is Hard--But so is Running Slow

12 Miles today.  We planned on slow running the entire 12 (no walk breaks).  Our plan was 11-12 min miles, but as always I started out too fast <10---I felt great.  Con had to stop me and tell me to tone it down.  For the first time ever--the first 2 miles were my best.  Not necessary the best time, but I felt great.  I got into my groove right away instead of at mile 2-3.  I thought I could run forever---until I hit mile 5.

The Manasquan Reservoir is beautiful, but any looping and I think I am a goner.  My mind focusing on "having to do it all over again" and I am lost.  Funny enough, Con said the same thing to me in the car on the way home.  Next week for our 11 we are going to pick an out and back or long route with no looping.   

I focused on my form with the run and when my right knee started to feel twingy, I really tried to relax my extremities as Danny Dreyer advises.  I think the most effective Chi movement today for me on my run was "peeling" my feet up and focusing on a mid strike (full strike) when landing.

The most difficult pieces were posture and lean. I just do not have those down at all.

Even though our pace is where we planned--I  can't help but think---I am soooo slow!  Others can bang out 7-8 min miles with no problemo--my typical 10:30 pace is hard enough, but add any extra mileage on and I might as well be walking.  I think I walk a 12-13 min/mile.  I really want to do better in the 1/2 this year; my pace last year was 10:40--you can read about my run last year HERE.

Avg Pace
100:10:27 1.00 10:27
200:11:30 1.00 11:30
300:11:15 1.00 11:15
400:11:28 1.00 11:28
500:11:13 1.00 11:13
600:11:04 1.00 11:04
700:10:57 1.00 10:57
800:10:37 1.00 10:37
900:10:51 1.00 10:51
1000:10:52 1.00 10:52
1100:11:12 1.00 11:12
1200:10:44 1.00 10:44
1300:00:06 0.01 13:06

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