Mother Nature--Make up your mind!

I had the opportunity to run outside with a friend today after strength training at the Y, but is was COLD, and DREARY, and flurries of snow were still coming down.  I actually backed out---YES, I AM LAME.  I imagined that running on the TM in shorts and my sports bra while watching my DVR'd The Good Wife would be better---Boy, was I wrong.

The rule is OUTSIDE v TM--OUTSIDE wins!  It was not that cold.  It was 35---and although, I had put my cold gear away already (last Friday it was 70 degrees), I should have sucked it up and gotten my butt out there.  Mentally I was so done with the cold.  40-50 degrees is OK--but 35, windy, overcast, and snow flurries beat me today.

Of course after banging out the 5 painfully on the TM, the sun breaks through the clouds and shines like it is a beautiful spring day.

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