10 on TM

Ran Ran/Walked  10 on TM today--I am so pissed at myself.  It was COLD here in the NE today----25 degrees with a windchill of 17-35 mph.  I can try to blame my anger over this awful run on Mother Nature, but it is my own fault.  I should have sucked it up--there are only 3 weeks left before the race and I do NOT feel prepared.  Isn't the whole idea of training and re-reunning a race that you actually improve.  Well, I do not feel like I have improved.  

Once I got my mind mentally wrapped around doing 10 on the TM, I jumped in with a positive attitude.  I loaded up "Eat, Pray, Love" on Netflix, placed my water and iPod next to me, and covered up the display with a dish towel--I was all set.  

Not even 40 minutes into the run--I felt like I "HAD" to walk---I could not run 10 on the TM.  I am not a happy camper right now.

Next Saturday we have a 13.1 race training run planned.  I think Con is going to have to miss Sat morning soccer practice so we can actually do the run--I think I am going to have to switch some runs around this week, just to give me back some confidence.

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