Glad to get 5 in today before possible SNOW tomorrow--WHAT!

5 in Thompson today with L and Ni--missing Na today.  We keep it steady the whole run--nice tempo run (except for mile 3 where we were slowing down--my fault, I needed to catch my breathe).  I felt sluggish today---no pain, legs felt good, just body weary.

Windy---but we were shielded from most of it on the rugby track.  We decided to head off the track at mile 4 for a much needed change of scenery.   Surprisingly we kept the last mile strong despite the wind from 4-4.5 miles.  At 4.5 miles when we changed direction, it was like magic--NO WIND--nothing.  It is weird how that happens.  It was not like the wind changed directions or was coming at us from a different direction--it just stopped.  I felt strong that last 1/2 mile-but then again I was running to my car :)

Topic of discussion today--potty breaks and chia seeds, which seem to go hand in hand.

Here were our splits:
Avg Pace
100:10:07 1.00 10:07
200:10:04 1.00 10:04
300:10:15 1.00 10:15
400:10:06 1.00 10:06
500:10:05 1.00 10:05
600:00:46 0.09 08:41

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