Beautiful Manasquan Reservoir

We have been waiting to run at the reservoir for a long time---today was the day.  10 on the agenda.  Con had an impromptu soccer practice scheduled from 9-10:30--but we had a group run planned at 10:30 and N was planning on meeting us--so told Con's soccer coach we would have to cut out early.  I don't know how we are going to plan our next long runs on Saturday's around the soccer and Lax weekend activities for all the boys.  It looks like he will have practice again next sat morning--I guess we will have to move the 12 miles to later in the day so he is not completely spent.

The wind was about 15-20mph and I was fearing a run like last week---but we lucked out.  The wind around the reservoir felt good and was NOTHING like the wind at the beach.  There were little white caps on the water--it was beautiful. 
N couldn't make it.  So we headed out.  For me the first 2-3 miles are always the hardest--it takes me awhile to find my groove--you know the pace where you just feel like you can keep going and all is "good".  I struggle those first few miles contemplating if I can even finish the run--mental mind games--"Why do I think I can run--what makes me think I am a runner---who am I kidding---3 miles is good, why do I want to run 10........." the list goes on and on.  Con was losing steam at 4--but I convinced him we would break at 5 for water and a snack back at the car.  The water level was high--this area is usually open to walk on, I had never seen the water level up to the retaining wall before.
Here is Con at 5 miles--he LOVES the Cliff shot blocks--we have only had the cherry flavor--we will have to try the other ones out.  He looks thrilled---Had to convince him to finish the next 5 with a promise of Jeff Galloway's 4:1 run/walk.  I actually wanted to compare the 2 halves of the run to see which pace was better and how we felt.
We actually did better (only slightly) running the first 5--we did walk run for miles 5-9 and then ran out the last mile. Here I am post run.  I could have run 3 more--it would have been messy--but I could have done it:)
Avg Pace
100:10:15 1.00 10:15
200:10:14 1.00 10:14
300:10:28 1.00 10:28
400:10:48 1.00 10:48
500:10:17 1.00 10:17
600:10:54 1.00 10:54
700:10:58 1.00 10:58
800:10:51 1.00 10:51
900:11:35 1.00 11:35
1000:10:23 1.00 10:23
1100:00:56 0.10 09:37

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