No Sports Bra--No Problem

Breastfeeding support group today---I love group BUT hate missing my run on these days, so I packed my bag with everything I needed---I even remembered tissues BUT guess what I forgot.  Yes, my sports bra.  Now, granted my A/B chest does not need much support, but I had NEVER run without a sports bra.  I contemplated passing on the run and going home--to run in the neighborhood, but I really wanted to run the trail around the library.  It is packed dirt and my knees where feeling kinda twitchy PLUS I promised someone I would measure the trail distance.

The signage at the Town Hall complex states the trail is 1.5 miles----NO WAY---I knew it was less but I did not have any GPS runs where I had an accurate reading.  I guessed it at 1.1 miles--it was 1.11 miles :)---this is way different that 1.5--how many people run there thinking they are running a 1/2 mile more each loop than they actually are???

Back to the bra--I decided to run in my regular bra---not ideal, but after the first mile I forgot about it---guess this is one time where having small breasts can work in your favor (trust me--there are not many of those times).
Avg Pace
100:09:36 1.00 09:36
200:09:52 1.00 09:52
300:10:20 1.00 10:20
400:10:24 1.00 10:24
500:10:15 1.00 10:15
600:01:32 0.16 09:41

Today's Song, King of Anything, Sara Bareilles (this is not her singing--but love this version on You Tube):

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Kerrie T. said...

Haha! I've done that before!

Also, nice guess!

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