I Am Such a Geek

Met L, N, and N at Thompson today--we had 4 miles of intervals on the schedule.  The plan was to run 1 mile around the rugby loop at regular pace (10:10-10:30) and then hit the paved trail for 2 miles doing intervals of 1 min (run until almost out of breathe) and then 2 minutes regular pace (or even slower) BUT---the dirt track was so nice on the knees and N's glut was bothering her.   N & L took the lead and N and I stayed behind with her glut--but our pace was nice and steady.

Unfortunately, I can not see our splits--Garmin Connect is down until tomorrow and Garmin sync with Dailymile is not working---UGG.  I am such a geek--I want to see my splits, my heart rate---all that glorious data. 

4.41 miles with avg pace of 10:17--that is just not enough information for me:)


Christina said...

Haha. You are either addicted to data or a plain ol' running geek. :)
I can't run without my Garmin, but I don't go into so much details because I am too lazy ....

Racy Runner said...

Christina--I fear it is both:)

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