Life gets in the way

My house is going to be quarantined--Con was home from school M-W, Finn T-today, Ronan W-today--all suffering from vague viral symptoms.  TIRED (F just falls asleep where ever he lands), C threw up-just once, lack of appetite,  low grade fevers (not worth medicating), cough (that comes and goes)--and general malaise.  Now they are really healthy kids---take vitamins, vitamin d, and oil of oregano daily--I think they probably had/have the flu, but their bodies were fighting it off.  

C headed off to school today--I am expecting a call any minute.  He had not missed school  in 2 years and I know the guilts of missing all that school work this week was killing him--plus he was mad to miss P90X and running (I don't know where he gets that from).  

I ,however, feel good--I started to feel "blah" the other day--but I bulked up on the vitamin d and oil of oregano (anti-virals)--plus I have been trying to get all my exercise in--but it has not been easy.  Of course I had the whole week planned for workouts and the weather is GORGEOUS---sunny in mid 40's and I just had to bang out 2 on the TM (5 yesterday--it was tortuous)  :(  

Hopefully everyone is on the mends and I can get some trail runs in next week--rumor has it Manasquan Reservoir is runable.


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

RR!! So good to meet you virtually! I hpe yo don't get a case of the sickies! :(

I look forward to knowing more about you!!

Racy Runner said...

Hi Jess--so far so good--still fighting off those germs.

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