6 Miles on Dreadmill

I usually Strength Train at the Y on T and Th, but I knew I was going to miss it today--was scheduled to attend a math demonstration at C Middle School.  Unfortunately F came home with a fever yesterday--he got of the bus at the end of the day with a red face and seriously cranky attitude---I would like to say I was surprised, but I wasn't.  A Sunday night Halloween welcomed illness.  Right now he is lying on the couch with a stuffy little nose watching a Phineous and Ferb marathon.  

I was planning on getting 5-6 miles in after the math demo--and since I could not make that I was determined to get the mileage in--had to hit the treadmill.

6 Miles-Done (tried to do intervals while starting slow and finishing fast).

Today's Song, Michale Franti and Spearhead, Say Hey


Emz said...

GREAT song. Way to go on the mill. Why the "dread" though?@ ;) I think I love my mill a bit too much.

Xavi Garcia said...

....treadmill....not my friend!!

Cheers from Melbourne!


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