I am a TRAIL runner!

When I first started running--the treadmill was "my thing"--I did my first mile on the treadmill--my first 30 minutes of non-stop running--and my first 5 miles.  I remember when the thought of hitting the roads brought on anxiety. Now the treadmill is my--"I have to get a run in and have no other option choice."  

There was a group run planned at Thompson today--I usually run after strength training on T and Th--I wanted to get 2-3 miles in.  I knew no one was going to be able to meet me--so while I was strength training I began to bargain with myself:

1) I will work really hard for the next hour and skip the run--I need the rest
2) I will run on the treadmill downstairs -I usually never run at the gym but sometimes the "competition" is good [even though the other walker/runners on the treadmills do not know it--I am racing them and it seems like the gym treadmill is the only time I actually win:)]
3) I will run later (yeah-right--that will happen)

So, I did what any guilt driven runner does--I threw on my running tights and changed into my trail running shoes after class and drove over to Thompson.  I figured I would treat myself to a trail run (since most of the time the other ladies like sticking to the paths there)---I LOVE running on the trails.  The slower pace and muscle challenge is just what I need.  I can run harder and longer when I am on the trails.  Today I ventured off onto a new trail---I was jogging along the path for warm up heading for a trail start K showed me a few weeks ago when I came across this trail entrance--I had to try it--it was so inviting.
 The trail was not as long as I hoped--it lead into Brookdale's college campus--but it was still fun!
I need to find more trails in Monmouth County--anyone have other options (other than Manasquan Reservoir or Holmdel)?


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