It's a Spiritual Thing

I have been fighting off a cold all week and I took the last 2 days off to rest and recover.  Unfortunately, I am still not 100%, but with a steady dose of vit D, C, and other supplements, I am hoping to lick this thing.  Wanted to get up to Spin at 7 this morning, but I had such an awful night of sleep (or lack there of)--the congestion was killer--so instead, I decided to try to sleep a little longer and run while Conor was at soccer practice.  

I had not run at Buck's Mill in a long time and I was anxious to hit the trails in the woods.  It was PERFECT day to run---the car thermometer said it was 45 degrees on the way there, but with the sun out, it was 61 by the end of my run.  

First of all---THE GEESE--oh my--it seemed like there were hundreds of them.  Here they are playing baseball and soccer.

I saw a deer every where I looked, but I was unable to capture one on camera---they bolted off as I ran towards them.  Their white tails visible through the trees as they skirted away.  I wanted to shout--"Don't run--I won't hurt you"---but I knew they would not listen:)  Ran into a horse--thankfully not literally--I always worry about running into a horse on these trails some parts are very narrow and I never know how skittish the horse will be--thankfully this rider gave me to OK implying that this horse would tolerate a runner running by.

Thank goodness for the tree markers.  If it were not for them I would never have stayed on the trail.  With all the leaves covering the ground, in some places it was impossible to pick up the trail.  Who put the markers there?  Why were some blue and some pink [a gender thing]?
This was a great run---my goal was only TO RUN--I was hoping to run at least 45 minutes--I was not sure how long or how strong I could be since I have been fighting off that cold--but it was the best run ever.  I felt like a million bucks.  This run just felt special--it felt RIGHT.  I love running the trails---speed does not matter--I truly ran for ME.  I am not a religious woman--but I am a spiritual one and this run was as close to perfect as they can get.


Christina said...

Lovely trail. I am too scared to run any trail by myself but always envious of others who are doing it.
Glad you got to run and to feel so good running.
Don't you just love it when you run for yourself and not having to worry about pacing, racing, or anyone?

Eileen W. said...

Glad to hear you had a run like this one, Casi!! Sounds absolutely magical!!

I do hope you've gone your final round with this approaching cold too. Have a restful night's sleep. :)

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