Born to Run 2010

C and I planned on running the Born to Run 5 mile race in Freehold the day after Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately the morning of, I felt AWFUL.  I think I must have gotten 4 hours of sleep and felt nauseous (the 2 glasses of wine the night before did not help), but C was excited and I would do anything for my son.  So I sucked it up and we headed to the race--it was a balmy 45 degrees with a light cold windy rain.  

Thankfully when we got there the rain had subsided, but a cold front was moving in--you could almost see it with your eyes.  This is a great family event--lots of kids running.  We wanted to snap a few photos before the race started (unfortunately hubbies blackberry appears to have a film on part of the screen so the shots came out kind of fuzzy).
We moved inside to stay warm until the race started and ran into a friend.  We all chit chatted and came to the conclusion that next year we should show up right before the race starts--there really was no reason to get there early.  The race is local (about 15-20 minutes away from Colts Neck) and the casual atmosphere lends itself to late arrivals.

We headed over the the starting point (after I hit the porta potties a second time, of course).  We were literally the LAST people in the starting line.  C was convinced we did not cross the starting line until at least 3 minutes after the official start time--it probably was more like 1 minute).  

I almost got crushed within the first few minutes of the race when a women in front of us dropped her iPod.  I saw it and stopped to scoop it up--I did not want it to get trampled on.  Thankfully the man behind me was annoyed but a good sport about it.  R ran with me for the first 1.5 miles--but I know I was holding her back.  I was running a little under a 10 minute mile and it was a struggle for me--she was not even breaking a sweat and I could barely carry on a conversation.

C was in our sights until we hit the park--I encouraged R to run ahead and I would catch up (at the finish line).  Off they went.  The hills on the way back were KILLER (shhh--I walked up both of them--it was my opportunity to catch my breathe).

Ray was able to catch a picture of C and I finishing.
After the race, I really felt nauseous, but we headed over the Pete & Elda's and I knew that the long ride there would help me prepare for the BEST thin crust pizza in the NE (possibly in the entire US).


Amanda said...

I did a 5k on Thanksgiving day and there were so many people that it bottle necked at the finish line. I literally stood still for over 30 sec before I could step across the line.

Racy Runner said...

Wow, you had to wait to cross the finish line--I have never seen that before:)

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