Sunday run with my son

C (my son) asked to run with me yesterday and today--I am in heaven.  He is 13 years old and still wants to do things with his old mom.  I hope this is "our thing" ---he is determined to run the 1/2 with me in April.  He is an excellent runner--not only much faster than I--but his form is PERFECT and beautiful.  He runs naturally (he was not the fastest on his cross country team--but I know his speed will only continue to improve---but when it comes to distance he could out run all his teammates). 

We have the Born to Run 5 mile race the day after Thanksgiving coming up in Freehold this week.  We ran the race together last year (it was his first 5 miles and my second--he smoked me).  We planned on making it a annual event and he is excited to run in again this year.

Yesterday we hit the trail at Hartshorne Park in Middletown NJ.  This was a more difficult trail than the ones I usually run at Thompson or Manasquan.  We only made it through the smaller/shorter trail--we had no idea where we were going--but cannot wait to head back to conquer the longer trails next time.

Today we wanted 4-5 miles (I wanted 4--I overdid it this week--Con wants 5)--headed over to Cross Farm Park.  It is beautiful running weather here in the NE.  40-50s is really perfect.  Here is the view of the path before we headed into the woods to hit the reservoir trail, 
Con fell hard and I tripped several thousand times--my feet were dragging.  Con needs cold running gear--where do I buy cold gear for boys--the mens' small is probably too big.  He has no dry-fit long sleeved shirts or good running shorts or sweatpants.  At least now I know what to get him for x-mas.  

I ran 4.5--con ran about 5.3 (I made him run extra at Cross Farms because he ran off again without me and made me worry).

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