Scheduled Group Runs Week of November 15th Good Morning!

I want to thank all the Racy Runners who were able to make it out this past Saturday for the Beauty and the Beach Run.  It was a great event—over 1000 ladies (most of whom are local).  I am hoping this will be OUR annual event—next year we will have to plan a whole weekend around it—I see another Ladies Night out and Spa Day included (I will post a personal recap later).
Thundercheese at the Mad Hatter was GREAT---I felt like I was 21 again—that feeling is PRICELESS!

The Born to Run Race is coming up—the day after Thanksgiving—you can work off all that pumpkin pie.  This is a five mile race and is very FAMILY oriented.  Conor and I ran it last year and we are planning on running it again this year.  You can register the morning of the event and last year they gave out AWESOME sweatshirts.  Learn more here,
Born To Run 5 Mile Run: Friday, November 26th
Have you ever run a ½ Marathon—is it on your bucket-list?  Have you run one, but would like to participate in a great local event with a BEAUTIFUL course?  Register now for the Asbury Park ½ Marathon on April 16th,

Scheduled weekly runs:

Tuesday, 11/16       10:30am  Thompson               3-4 mile SLOW TRAIL RUN along reservoir
Thursday, 11/17      10:30am  Thompson               2-3 mile


Running Diva Mom said...

Look at all those ladies -- what fun!

Donna said...

Hey Casi! My husband and I both have Born to Run on our race calendars. We are planning to run with the kids in the jogging strollers (he'll take the double, I'll take the single) Is the course jogger friendly? Would appreciate your input! Maybe we'll see you there. :)

I wish I could run the Asbury Park 1/2 - but we will be in Boston, my husband is running the marathon. However I *will* do my 1st 1/2 at some point in 2011 - can't wait!!

Racy Runner said...

Donna, --sorry for the delayed response. I typed out a comment the other day and it just disappeared.

This is not a flat course--if I remember correctly there is one killer hill. The trail through the park is narrow, but there were other runners last year with joggers--in fact, one man in particular I will never forget.

He stopped to change a diaper while letting his toddler run around in the grass off the trail in the park section (yes, he was pushing a double stroller)---anyway--up the last hill he barrels by me??? That is how slow I am.

Donna said...

Thanks for the info!! We are going to give it a shot. Hopefully the hills will be kind and the weather will cooperate. See you there - good luck!

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