We Ran Like a Mother!

So this past Saturday was the Beauty and the Beach 5 mile run in Long Branch, NJ.  This was the second year I ran this race--it is hard to believe that I have only been running a little over a year.  There were 14 Racy Runners from Colts Neck running along with 1000+ other women.  I ran into colleagues from Jersey Shore University Medical Center, old friends and neighbors, and plenty of other Mother Runners.
I was worried about this race--I had been fighting off a cold for over a week 1/2 and I felt AWFUL--sinus pressure galore--no amount of Vit D, oil of oregano, vit c, and the numerous other supplements I shoved into myself seemed to lick this thing--it was manageable, but I certainly did not feel 100%.  Since I had coordinated the run and the Ladies Night out to follow, I did what any other mother would do---I sucked it up!
It is a great event--I love all women races--the camaraderie is palpable. We had a lot of fun.  

Here is the shirt I wore, compliments to Run Like a Mother (Dimity and Sarah we all ran like a mother!),
Here is the great necklace/medal you earn when you finish (last year's was pink), 
Here are some of us prior to running (I am in the bright green with hat), 

I am a winner (in my own mind--here I am post run), 
I did not beat my last year's time--but I feel good about the run all considering--5 miles-49 min and I cannot wait until next year!

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