At what point do I begin to feel like "I got this?"

So, I have a 5 mile run scheduled this Saturday---the Beauty and the Beach Run (second year running).

First of all, I can not believe I have been running a little over a year.  On one hand--I am so grateful that I found running--I LOVE IT!  on the other hand it remains incredibly hard (in a good way), but I struggle with remaining SLOW and even short runs like today's 2 miles are HARD.

Second of all, I still have doubts--will I be able to run it--will I do well???  I know for seasoned runners who have no problem running 1/2 or full marathons, the idea of anxiety over finishing a 5 mile run may seem silly---but for me--it remains a challenge.  I KNOW I will not be the fastest (or even finish in the top 1/2 of my age group)--BUT that does not mean I don't want to run fast (for me)--I just want to be able to give it my "all"--and that is just what I am going to do.

There are 14 of us carpooling from Colts Neck to this event on Saturday---I am excited and looking forward to running. We are also planning a great LADIES NIGHT out that evening to celebrate!

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Stacey said...

Doubting yourself is completely normal. Just don't give in to those feelings. (I know you won't). (: You will do great! Sounds like you will be having a fantastic weekend! Good luck and have fun!

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