Intervals??? 3 miles

Kickboxing class this am--so I decided to get to the gym early and run a few miles on the dreadmill.  Now, I love my Runner's World magazine, but sometimes the terminology (intervals, fartleks, tempo run--and don't get me started on the ratios and numbers) is too much for my new runner brain to process.  So today, I did my idea of an interval run. 

What is needed for Casi's interval run:
1) treadmill
2) iPod (loaded with an eclectic music list)
Idea---Slow tempo song--slow jog.  Fast tempo song--fast pace.  
It almost feels like you are dancing on the treadmill and soooo much easier that watching time and distance or computing pace.  (In some instances you do not even need to adjust the treadmill--just play around with stride and turnover of your feet to increase your heart rate.)

I did find this guide to runner's terminology helpful when trying to decipher the articles in Runner's World or even when reading other runners' blogs,

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