Gusty Wind but Sunny and Unseasonably Warm--I'll take it!

Conor and I got P90X2 from Santa and we could not wait to get started.  Yesterday we did Core X2 and today is Plyocide (sounds intense).  Tony is cheesy but we love him and the workouts are great.  I wanted to get a short run in today but Con slept so late (teenager) so finally I charged out without him.  It was windy out there today and I had to struggle to keep my cap on, but it was sunny and warm for this time of the year--so I'll take it.  I kept thinking about how last year we had the blizzard and we were housebound due to the 22 inches of snow.  This year we are housebound because we are lazy; although, I do plan on heading out for some Starbucks coffee in a few minutes:)

I saw The Artist last night, it was amazing.  The filming was brilliant and I love the use and lack of sound.  Here is the trailer:


trifitmom said...

i got hubby p90x

Racy Runner said...

He is going to love it.

My oldest son and I have been doing P90X and Insanity for a year or so now (we did a full 90 days of P90X and then we mixed it up with Insanity slipping the workouts in when we could)--we love them! We have Asylum too--we are Beachbody freaks. Great workouts. Plus anytime you have a 14 year old who wants to spend time with you--you do whatever he wants:) These workouts are "our" thing.

Happy New Year (and wishing you a very speedy recovery)!

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