5 K before the bus and 5 K after--at least I got it in

I am pressed for time today.  The Bosom Buddies group is decorating bags for the Holiday Express and we are having an impromptu Holiday Party--I have to pick up the pizzas:) I really wanted to get a moderate run in outside this morning, but I knew that was not going to happen, so I had to improvise.

I ran before Finn had to get on the bus and then I got another 3 in after he left---at least I got to run...

P.S. Here is my way of being able to use my iPad while on the TM--not ideal, but it does the trick.

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Christina said...

I like the way you made up an iPad holder for the treadmill. I have my laptop on my treadmill and I was worrying about dropping it.
Now, I will be stealing my boyfriend's bungee cord.

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