It seems like I really need a break these last couple of weeks---usually I am motivated to do training and run---but lately, I am lucky if I can motivate myself to do one activity.  Today I wanted to get a 5 mile run in and I started to talk myself out of this decision soon after I made it.  Headed over to the library; had to post signage that our Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group was not meeting today due to the fact that the Friends of the Library needed to set up for their annual book sale.  Decided to run from there, but hit the streets--5 times around the Library loop seems tortuous to me.  I need to change of scenery.

I FELT great up until mile 4 and I was thrilled that I was keeping my pace (no walking) and felt strong.  My R knee started to hurt in the last mile--but I pushed through it (it seemed manageable to me).  Post run I am a little sore--but feel GREAT.
Today's song, Muse, Uprising (click on link--can not embed this video:(---but this song is exactly how I felt when I ran today)


shannon said...

Nice 5 mile run today! We all have days where getting motivated for a run is tough. Be careful with that right knee!

Emz said...

YAY for 5!! Hope the knee is doing a bit better. get some ice on that baby!! ;)

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