Grrrh Ugh!

My day got off to a bad start--had to rearrange morning schedule in order to attend my son's writer's workshop at school.  Yes, he knew about it ahead of time and just forgot to tell me.  So after canceling my group run and then running C to early am orthodontist, I headed over to the school.  Arriving right on time--only to find an entire class of kids and parents waiting.  I am never late---everyone must have arrived a good 15 minutes early----it was wierd.

The kids got to read their stories and it quickly became evident that my son have taken some short cuts with this project.  He had an overnight playdate Sunday night and did not tell me that he had to type up his story yesterday when he came home.  He must have quickly typed it and his lack of effort was obvious.  He had not bothered to correct the mistakes his teacher had already pointed out in previous drafts and that was just the mechanical errors.  I was disappointed and he knew it.  As the other children read parts of their stories aloud in response to the teacher's request for examples, he quickly realized his story did not compare.  So he started to cry---yes, I win the bad mother of the day award.  He knew I knew it was not his best work and we had just had a discussion last night regarding school work and the use of the computer for games when he was supposed to be researching a school project.  Don't get me wrong, he is an A student, but he is my "do the bare minimum" kid.  I took him out into the hallway so he could "gather himself up"--he pulled the "You said my story was horrible"--at this point arguing with him would have been pointless. Of course, I did not say his story was horrible.  Needless to say, I left there feeling HORRIBLE.

I decided I would get a run in---nothing fancy, just a run in the neighborhood to help me clear my head---but that did not go according to plan either--my garmin claimed "low battery"???? it figures--I know I ran faster than I have in a long time--almost 4 miles done.  Now to prepare for the coming home from school confrontation--wish me luck.

Today's song, The Bottom Line, Big Audio Dynamite


Christina said...

I'm sorry about your day. If you were a horrible mom, you won't have shift your schedule to attend your child's writing workshop.

I have parents not showing up for conferences with me, even after multiple notices (without that, their kids can't receive speech therapy) and one mom had the nerve to tell me she can't make it because she has to wash her hair.

Racy Runner said...

Thanks for the kind words, Christina.

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